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Why Should You Consider Solar Energy Systems For Your Homes in Arizona?

Today’s world creates many challenges for homeowners, including financial hardships, questions about power usage, and the consciousness about leaving a smaller footprint.

Rosco Construction LLC provides a financial return in the form of lower electric bills, tax credits, rebates, and incentive programs which are available at both the state and federal levels. As homeowners look for ways to decrease their monthly expenses, more and more often they are looking to solar power.

How it Works:solar systems kingman az

  • Light from the sun strikes the PV module(also known as as the PV panel) and makes DC electricity. DC means Direct Current.  It is the same kind of electricity that batteries produce.
  • Your home runs off AC electricity, or Alternating Current.  To convert the DC electricity from the panels to the AC electricity for your home, we install an inverter (see the diagram).  The inverter is usually installed in your garage or basement.  We try to install your inverter as close as possible to your circuit breaker panel.
  • The inverter will be wired to a new breaker in your panel which will feed electricity into your home, rather than pull it from the grid.
  • During the day, this will cause your utility to meter to slow down or spin backwards.  Now the solar panels are supplying your house with electricity, not the utility grid.
  • You will only be charged for what you pulled from the grid at night if it is more than what you produced during the day.  We like to size systems that provide close to 100% of your electric use so that your utility bill will be negligible.


 Here some payment options:

The Clean Energy Loan Program

Solar Energy Systems is participating in the Clean Energy Loan Programwhich is a low interest rate (4%) loan program, created through partnerships among the U.S. Department of Energy, St. Lucie County, the Solar and Energy Loan Fund (SELF), and local community leaders and organizations.This program was established to help reduce energy bills in the communities and provide access to various clean energy solutions such as energy conservation, efficiency, and renewable energy production. The Clean Energy Loan Program makes it affordable for homeowners and businesses to take advantage of these newest clean energy technologies.

The mission of the Clean Energy Loan Program is to enhance consumer access to clean energy technologies by:

  • Providing energy expertise
  • Providing favorable finance options
  • Stimulating economic prosperity
  • Serving underserved areas
  • Facilitating educational awareness

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